Premium Jane CBD Review


Premium Jane CBD is another industry leading company that we have grown to trust and support. They are a rapidly growing company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and they show no signs of stopping. Premium Jane CBD genuinely believes in the healing effects of CBD, and it is their mission to offer pure, safe, and effective CBD products. They also take great pride in educating and involving themselves in the CBD community to spread knowledge on the natural and astounding properties on industrial hemp.

Premium Jane CBD products are all sourced from a controlled supply that is consistently tested for harmful chemicals, pesticides, pests, and other detrimental factors. In the past year, Premium Jane has really worked on expanding on their product list, made strong branding efforts, and has totally revamped their website. Don’t miss a chance to buy some of their premium products, and make sure to take advantage of their coupons (link to coupons page) when you do so!


  1. Premium CBD. Many companies in the CBD industry try and cover their profit margins at all cost, and because of this will take advantage of the largely unregulated market. In doing so companies will purchase Asian hemp seed, which has proven to offer very low levels of CBD, compromising the main feature of the product. Premium Jane CBD has set higher standards for themselves and pulls their CBD from generational hemps farms with plants that contain substantial amounts of CBD.
  2. Lab Proven. On the other end of the quality spectrum are the companies, like Premium Jane, that take pride in their work. Because Premium Jane CBD knows they must compete with other companies that offer high quality CBD products, they have supplied their lab reports (tested by third-party lab) to show that their results stack up as the best, if not the best. You can check the results out on all their product pages in their shop!
  3. Customer Friendly. Many nationally recognized brands tend to put their focus elsewhere than customer service. Premium Jane wants to make sure that customer contact is a major importance of theirs, and they do a great job at it! As stated before, Premium Jane CBD takes great pride in education & information and they want all their customers to make informed decisions during the purchasing process. They always encourage individuals to call or email them at any time and they will answer any questions you have.

Product Categories & Costs


First off, let’s just appreciate the packaging that Premium Jane CBD uses. You can see that they take pride in not only the quality of their CBD, but the quality of experiencing their brand as a whole. They have three different CBD oil flavors; Citrus, Mint, and Natural CBD flavor. Don’t sleep on these, they’re great.

Price: $54 – $139 per bottle

CBD Capsules

A great way to take your CBD on the go with you. This can also be a great way to be discreet about what you’re taking. With the elegant packaging and pills that look similar to fish oil pills, you don’t have to worry about anyone being too snoopy.

Price: $83 per bottle

CBD Topicals

Premium Jane’s topical product are simply amazing. They have two different scents to choose from, and they really make the decision tough. You can either choose Cocoa Butter or Eucalyptus. We highly recommend the Eucalyptus option for added relaxation.

Price: $80 – $125 per canister

CBD Gummies

These gummies are delicious and quite convenient. Take these on the go or place them in the cabinet next to all the other vitamins. Thirty gummies per jar makes these reasonably priced for the quality you’re receiving! On top of this, the gummies taste delicious and the fruit variety doesn’t keep you stuck on a single flavor you dislike. One piece of advice for new CBD users is to start small with your dosage. Some individuals only need half a gummy to feel the calming, healing effects of CBD. If you don’t feel the effects, up your dosage. One extra benefit; they’re vegan!

Price: $55 per bottle

What Individuals are saying about Premium Jane CBD Products

“This company has turned me into a believer of CBD” – Freddie

“I purchased the gummies and CBD oil to help with anxiety. With life circumstances right now it had become crippling. This has changed so many things. I use the gummies to sleep and use half a dropper of the 500ml oil twice a day. No more heart palpitations or fear doing day to day things. Better results than I hoped for. The customer service with this company has also been exceptional. Thank you Premium Jane, I am a customer for life.” – Tara M.

“Been looking a long time for a good quality topical salve, so really glad I found this, smells like the rainforest!” – Damien

“I was skeptical at first, but after taking 1 gummy before bed for about 2 or 3 days, I noticed a big difference in the quality of my sleep. I could actually stay asleep for the whole night without waking up several times. I started to remember my dreams again too as subtle as that may sound. I am now on my third bottle of the gummy bears and have became a true believer in CBD and its benefits.” – Eric U.