How to Combat Endometriosis Pain with CBD 

How to Combat Endometriosis Pain with CBD 


What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a painful condition that many women world-wide suffer from each day. Endometriosis is caused when tissue, similar to the tissue that forms inside of your uterus, called the endometrium, grows outside your uterus. When your monthly cycle occurs, this tissue then acts the same as it would if it were still inside of your uterus, it thickens, breaks down and bleeds, but has no where to go, thus causing painful scar tissue and adhesions. When the ovaries are involved it can also cause cysts to form. All of this can result in debilitatingly painful menstrual cycles and in many cases, fertility issues. 


Who is at risk?

    • Family history can play a part in your risk factor. If you have a mom, sister or aunt who suffers from endometriosis, your chances are higher that you may also develop the condition. 
    • Age may also play a part in the risk. It is usually develops between the ages of 25 – 45, however it can also come on with puberty. 
    • Pregnancy may temporarily decrease the symptoms. Women who have never been pregnant run a greater risk of developing the disorder. 


Symptoms of Endometriosis may include:

    • Painful intercourse – pain may occur during or after intercourse
    • Pain with urination and or bowel movements – more than likely would be an issue during your cycle
    • Painful periods (dysmenorrhea) – this could include lower back as well as abdominal pain lasting several days into your cycle
    • Excessive bleeding – this may include heavy menstrual bleeding during your normal cycle and/or bleeding between cycles, called intermenstrual bleeding
    • Infertility – if you are suffering from infertility issues, you may be examined to rule out endometriosis early in your journey
    • Other signs and symptoms – other side effects from endometriosis can appear during or around your menstrual cycle including fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or nausea



To diagnose your Endometriosis, your doctor will likely perform different tests such as a pelvic exam, ultrasound or MRI. If they suspect endometriosis is present, your doctor may refer you to a surgeon who will perform laparoscopy, see below. 


Common treatments for Endometriosis and Endometriosis Pain

For those who have Endometriosis and want to get pregnant, you may need to have medical intervention. This may include some of the more traditional treatment options including Hormone Therapy or Consesrvative Surgery. Surgery may be done via laparoscopy which involves a small incision near your belly button to send an instrument in to view and remove the endometrial implants around your uterus and ovaries. This can often be coupled with fertility treatments. In more severe cases, or when pregnancy is not the ultimate goal, a full or partial Hysterectomy may be performed, removing your uterus and or ovaries that my be affected. 


For the pain associated with Endometriosis there are a couple of traditional options you can try at home

    • Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (Aleve) may help to ease painful menstrual cramps.
    • Warm baths or heating pads can also relax pelvic muscles, reducing cramping and pain
    • Light exercise including walking, stretching and deep breathing exercises may aid in pain relief


Treating Symptoms with CBD

Non pharmaceutical options are quickly becoming more attractive to many people today. Essential Oils, natural supplements and CBD are being looked to for symptom relief. 


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally derived substance taken from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant. CBD will not get you “high” like it’s cousin does as it does not have the same psychoactive properties. Recent studies and anecdotal evidence available suggests that CBD has the ability to lessen inflammation and pain for chronic sufferers. Thus its effects have become very popular with those suffering from Endometriosis. 


Several companies offer products claiming to assist with different aspects of pain and discomfort. A blog post by a popular CBD distributor Kush Queen, was written by one of their contributors who suffers from chronic, very classic Endometriosis pain and symptoms. She talks in depth about using their vape pens, lube for pain with intercourse, lotion for cramping and bath bombs for lower back discomfort. 


If you are lucky enough to live in California or Colorado, due to the addition of THC, you can access CBD products from Whoopi and Maya medicinal cannabis. These unique products, developed by the legendary Whoopi Goldberg and her business partner Maya Elisabeth, are designed specifically for women who suffer from all sorts of menstrual discomfort. Whoopi herself suffers from endometriosis and is passionate about helping others get through the pain it can cause. 

    • SOAK – Lavender Bath Soak comes in an 8OZ JAR (SINGLE USE) which includes 25mg THC and 25mg CBD. Soak’s pharmacological grade Epsom Salts are coupled with relaxing Lavender, skin nourishing carrier oils (such as avocado seed oil, jojoba oil, and apricot kernel oil), our blend of therapeutic essential oils, and consciously sourced cannabis extracts. We recommend soaking for at least 15 minutes to allow the nourishing oils, Epsom Salts and cannabis to work their magic.
    • RUB – Body Balm (unscented) comes in a 2OZ JAR with 75mg THC and 25mg CBD, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Seed Oil, Beeswax, Cramp Bark, White Willow Bark, Cannabis Extracts. By infusing cannabis with our organic blend of carrier oils, we have created a wholesome, concentrated, and effective salve which rubs on smoothly and gently warms the skin.  


Please note that Endometriosis is a very serious condition and you should be under a physician’s care if you suffer from the condition. Always consult your physician before use of CBD as treatment for this or any other condition you may have.