LolaHemp CBD Review

LolaHemp Review



LolaHemp is unique in that it is a CBD company solely for dogs! This mother and son company was born out of a desire to support customer requests from their e-boutique, also for dogs, called Lolawana’s Pet Boutique. They found that customers were interested in supporting their animals with a more natural product like CBD for ailments such as bone and joint discomfort, anxiety, arthritis and different phobias. Having their own little rescue dog Lola, who was terrified of thunder, helped to get the ball rolling in 2018 to launch LolaHemp. 

LolaHemp is an all organic CBD oil made with dogs in mind. On their site you can read different articles with supporting research about topics they hope their CBD oils and products will help support. You can read about Pain and Inflammation, Anxiety, Phobias, Aggressive Behavior, Immune System, Skin Allergies, ways to Reduce the Overuse of Narcotics and NSAIDs, and Digestion and Appetite. 


LolaHemp boasts the following reasons that their product is the best for dogs for the following reasons:

  • Made from 100% Organic hemp
  • Veterinarian approved dosing guidelines
  • Full Spectrum Extraction which preserves the vital cannabinoids found in hemp
  • Fewer dangerous side effects than many prescription medications
  • Safe for dogs of all ages
  • No prescription required
  • Laboratory testing to verify quality and concentration
  • One bottle donated to a rescue pet for every 4 bottles sold



The site has an affiliate program wherein you provide your email address and personal information and you are emailed a code. When your referrals purchase from the website, you receive 20% back on each of their purchases. This seems like a pretty great deal if you have plenty of dog loving friends who may also want to provide non-prescription relief for their furry friends. They reimburse every 2 weeks directly into your paypal account. 

You can also enter your email address to earn a free download of their book, “CBD Oils for Dogs. Learn the Science Behind this Natural Product”.

They also offer free shipping on orders over $75 as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. 


Product Categories:


Tinctures can be purchased in three different size bottles. 150mg 15ml, 300mg 30ml and 600mg 60ml.

They provide the following dosing guidelines:

2 drops per 10 lbs of weight twice daily. Drop directly onto dog’s tongue or onto food twice daily. Increase dosage to 3 drops per 10 lbs if no results after 1 week. 

They also provide helpful purchasing guidelines:

  • 150 mg bottle – approx monthly supply for pet 15 lb and under
  • 300 mg bottle – approx monthly supply for pet 15 lb – 40 lbs
  • 600 mg bottle – approx monthly supply for pet 40+ lbs


LolaHemp Balm Full Spectrum Hemp Topical 200mg

LolaHemp Balm Full Spectrum Hemp Topical is filled with 200MG of lab tested, non-GMO, full spectrum CBD balm made from organically grown hemp. The balm is a great topical product for dry, chapped, or cracked areas.


What individuals are saying about LolaHemp

“I waited for a month to post a review. My 13 year old Buddy had been showing his age & having arthritis in back legs, also with quivering in back legs. After being on Lola Hemp for a month, his legs no longer quiver. I believe he’s feeling much better!”
Debbie M.


“My dog “Buddy” could barely stand. He had vertebrae pain. I gave him three drops of LolaHemp cbd oil twice a day along with the prescribed anti-inflammatory and steroids. Miracle! In two weeks he was back to nearly normal. Cage rest was critical too.”
Guy W.


“My reactive dog, Tig, is finally making progress thanks to the help of hemp oil. He is big and strong. At one point, he broke my arm when my hand got caught in his leash. Now, we can walk together and are in a level 3 dog class. The owners are also very responsive and answer any questions the same day.”
Joan B.