Kat’s Naturals CBD Review


Born out of a heart for helping people and a need to support her husband’s return from the military in a deep way, Kat Merryfield started creating farm-to-home remedies from CBD oil in 2015 out of her backyard fields in Tennessee.  Kat’s Naturals uses American grown organic hemp and sustainably-sourced essential oils like peppermint, wild orange, and ginger. They have a goal to reduce packaging and materials while still offering the most potent CBD product on the market. From drops to creams, each product is conveniently sized to fit in your medicine cabinet, purse, or bag without having to compromise on full-value relief. Kat’s also gives back to the community through the support of local veterans. A portion of their profits go to the Atlanta Organization Operation Rally Point, which assists veterans with their transition back to civilian life by offering in-house programs and mentorship.


  1. CBD Education. Kat herself has a passion to educate people about the health benefits of CBD and this is reflected within the website’s educational blog posts. She has experienced it’s benefits first hand, and know just how positive CBD can be for every user. If you’d like to learn as much as possible about CBD, we suggest you head over to their educational blog (after reading through all of our blog posts, of course). They’ve got great articles about CBD news, CBD products, and CBD secrets. You’ll be an expert on the topic in no time.
  2. Nationwide Accessibility. Kat’s Naturals can be conveniently purchased through their site as well as many retail outlets throughout the country. They also offer wholesale purchasing to further partner with retailers. Unfortunately, Kat’s Naturals no longer runs their CBD program, but they given Direct CBD Online, one of their popular resellers, permission to take over their program. Head to Direct CBD Online to learn more.

Product Categories & Costs


CBD hemp extract oils are designed for you to take sublingually, meaning you have to hold the oil underneath your tongue for a minute or longer.  This is one of the best methods of daily use and absorption.  On top of their broad spectrum CBD selection, Kat’s Naturals has full spectrum CBD Oil options as well. These drops are also combined with essential oils for your benefit. Full spectrum has added benefits that THC-Free (broad spectrum) CBD can’t provide, so make sure to do more research on this topic.

Price $18.00 – $165.00

kats-naturals-cbd-reviewCBD Topicals

Kat’s Naturals topicals come in 350mg cream tubs with either Arnica and Emu oil for deep absorption or Capsaicin for gentle heat or a professional strength 600mg cream tube with organic essential oils including Pluronic Lecithin Organogel, Hemp Seed Oil, Emu Oil, Arnica Oil, Sustainably Harvested Frankincense, Lavender, and Lemongrass. Additionally, Kat’s Naturals has some great skincare products! Developed in house, the Kat’s Naturals skincare line is made with all natural ingredients without any unnecessary chemicals or synthetics make for the most natural skin creams on the market today. The following skin care options are offered: Face Mask, Skin Serum, Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream, Daytime Replenishing Cream and Night Repair Cream.

Price $12.00 – $85.00

kats-naturals-topical-reviewCBD for Pets

Much like humans, each animal is different, thus their needs vary. Your best bet for treating your furry friends is to start out with the lowest dose, increasing every few days until you reach the desired result. For your 4-legged friends, Kat’s Naturals offers top quality drops for cats, dogs and horses.

Price $45.00 – $125.00

kats-naturals-cbd-pets-reviewCBD Edibles

CBD oils aren’t the only way to include CBD or Hemp into your diet. Enjoy Activated Hemp Dark or White Chocolate bars or simply purchase Activated Edible Hemp to add to just about anything in your daily meal plan. The Dark Chocolate bars have 70% DARK CHOCOLATE: Organic Cocoa liquor, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Natural Cocoa Powder, Activated Organic Hemp. The White bars have PEPPERMINT WHITE CHOCOLATE: Premium Organic White Chocolate Couverture (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Nonfat Dry Milk, Soy Lecithin and Natural Vanilla), Organic Peppermint Extract, Activated Organic American Grown Hemp*.The chocolate bars are shipped with gel ice packs to ensure their freshness when they reach you, very convenient!

Price $10.00 – $150.00 


What Individuals are Saying about Kat’s Naturals CBD Products

“We have been a wholesaler of Kat’s Naturals for over 2 years now and both their products and customer service are incredible. We regularly hear remarkable success stories from our clients regarding their results with Kat’s Naturals products and I have personally noticed wonderful results with them as well.” – Angela McAllister

“Excellent products and service, highly recommended!” – Kathleen M

“Kat’s Naturals products are fantastic, extremely helpful with my pain. I use my oil daily, and the creams to target different areas of the body. I have been enjoying Kat’s different product of over a year and a half now. I encouraged any one to try it.” – Penny Doss

“The Restore CBD oil is great. I prefer it over other brands I’ve tried. My only issue is that when my account is charged, it appears as a charge from a bank in the Virgin Islands. By the time I get my bill, I’ve already forgotten about this purchase so I’m confused about the charge. My bank tells me this charge is from the British Police which is even more confusing. I wish there was a way to indicate that this purchase is for Kat’s. Thank you.” – Linda