How To Properly Store Your CBD Products

In recent years there has been an explosion of access to health and nutrition information has been a boon to those looking for natural wellness solutions. Among the many powerful solutions we’ve discovered, CBD products have proven to be some of the best and most powerful. Best of all, these products come with a host of health-boosting benefits and close to zero undesirable side effects. However, high-quality CBD products are not exactly cheap- and they are perishable. That’s because the best CBD products are made from natural compounds that will degrade if not stored properly.

In most cases, improper storage of CBD products will only degrade the effectiveness of the key ingredients, namely the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. But, if left in sub-optimal storage conditions long enough, it may cause CBD or other hemp derivative products to become unsafe for human consumption.

To protect your investment, it’s best to adhere to best storage practices.

6 Tips for Storing Your CBD Products

Following these simple tips can help to keep your CBD products safe and effective for very long periods of time.

Keep CBD Products Out of Direct Sunlight

As you know, intense, direct, and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause bleaching and burns to just about anything. However, just as you can slow cook a succulent meal at relatively low temperatures, even indirect sunlight can damage delicate and organic compounds of CBD over a long period of time. For this reason, it is best to keep your CBD products in low light conditions, or in complete darkness if possible.

Keep CBD Products Away From Heat for Extended Periods of Time 

Sunlight can damage the key ingredients of CBD in two ways; by photon bombardment and heat. These are related but are not the same thing. That means heat from sources other than light can also damage CBD. Because the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in these products are delicate molecular structures, low-grade heat over long periods of time can damage them. That means even room temperature heat can damage CBD products if it is left out long enough. For the best long term storage results, it’s best to refrigerate your CBD products. Ideally, place them in a door compartment, and not near to the cooling vent, as excess cold can also damage key ingredients.

Keep CBD Products Sealed When Not in Use

We all know that CBD has powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. However, the essential ingredients in these products are also potent nutrients. That means, if bugs and microbes can find a way to consume them- they will! We’re pretty sure, mold, bugs, and fungus won’t pay you back for their share. Your CBD products will probably have to degrade significantly before any mold, fungus, or bugs could even touch them- but there’s no need to push your luck. Always seal and refrigerate CBD products when not in use.

Use Only Sterile Dispensing Methods

Most CBD containers come with a built-in eyedropper for clean and accurate dispensation. If that is not the case, only use clean utensils to dispense further doses. Failure to do this may contaminate your product, and that can only accelerate the natural decomposition process.

Taking CBD With Food

Just as many people add raw, virgin olive oil to food for its organ-protecting and nutritional value, some people also add CBD to food to take advantage of its medicinal properties. In most cases, placing a small amount under the tongue is the best way to consume CBD. But if you wish to take it with food, avoid heating it as much as possible as heat will decrease its potency.

Keep CBD Products Away from Children

It should go without saying that even decidedly THC-free CBD products can be very mildly intoxicating- even if only as a placebo. This is especially true for small children or anyone who has never had any experience with related products before. So, yes- we know we recommended refrigerating CBD- and yes, that does mean placing them in your refrigerator where anyone on your home can gain access to them.

So, what’s to be done? If there are children of any age in your home, and if you keep CBD products in your refrigerator, we recommend buying a small lockable box and place that with your CBD products in it, inside the refrigerator.

It might be hard to find a small lockbox that cannot be broken into. Still, this provides at least a detection-level of protection from curious children. In other words, they will not be able to get into it without breaking the box- which means you’ll know if it has been tampered with. While we don’t want children consuming CBD without medical supervision, you can rest assured that one accidental incident is unlikely to cause any harm.

Spotting Bad or Expired CBD Products

As mentioned above, CBD is naturally resistant to mold and fungus. However, it does not have an unlimited shelf life, even under the best conditions. If your CBD does go bad it will develop a strange smell or it will become cloudy. Another clue is decreased pour-ability, as the liquid medium in the CBD becomes compromised.

For best results, only buy high-quality CBD products from reputable vendors. Direct CBD Online is focussed on providing accurate content on the best brands in the industry. Head to our CBD Coupons pages to find a large selections of CBD coupons and specials for great deals on the best CBD brands on the market!