CBDFx CBD Review


Because it was founded back in 2015 before initial massive growth of the CBD industry, CBDFx has grown to become one of the most recognizable and well-known brands on the market. They’re based in Southern California and have a vision to spread worldwide. During their initial take off, CBDFx really put a strong focus into a product category that other competitors didn’t; CBD eVape juice. It was important for CBDfx to keep true to the original organic benefits of CBD without the use of synthetics and chemical solvents that many products on the market now use. CBDfx Vape Additive is a healthy addition to your daily life that adds new life to your vaping lifestyle. To ensure the best quality CBD, CBDFx imports it’s hemp from a partner’s family farm in Europe, and it is then sent directly to their test labs in Southern California. CBDFx is one of the most dominant CBD brands on the market, and it is easy to see why.


  1. Award Winning. CBDFx has proven to be a wildly popular brand in the CBD industry and this isn’t by accident. They’ve won multiple awards like a 2015 CBD Vape Additive of the Year award, CBD innovator Award, a Pure Quality Award, and more.
  2. Vape Authority. One of the most appealing parts of CBDFx is how they’ve put their initial, main focus into growing their brand as a CBD vape additive, CBD vape juice brand. There aren’t many companies out in the industry that have this large of CBD vape juice products. I think it’s safe to say no one has a larger one.
  3. CBD Chefs. It’s pretty easy to incorporate CBD products into your daily life, almost too easy. What if you want to change it up? Luckily, CBDFx has created a CBD Recipe section that has some great recipes ranging from a CBD Pesto to CBD Chocolate Chunk Cookies. A great idea to spark some creativity!

Product Categories & Costs

CBD Vape Juice

As previously mentioned, CBDFx put major focus into becoming a CBD brand that focused on providing customers with the best CBD vape juices on the market. They’ve done a great job at achieving that and boy do they have a large selection of CBD Vape Juice. Ranging from flavors like Rainbow Candy & Fruity Cereal, to Strawberry Jelly Donut & Blue Raspberry, they’ve got it all. We highly recommend checking out their assortment; wide variety and great prices!

Prices: $24.99 – $49.99

CBD Gummies

Like most other companies, CBDFx has CBD gummies! Try their gummies created specifically as a sleep aid, that have melatonin added into them, or check out another option of gummies that includes Turmeric and Spirulina; two popular superfoods that are used because of their antioxidant and inflammatory-fighting potential. These have a synergetic affect on your body, and the gummies are also 100% organic & vegan.

Prices: $9.99 – $49.99


Lots of options here for a first-time consumer! Not only do they have a regular CBD oil, but they also have a few other flavored CBD oils that have received great reviews; Blueberry Pineapple Lemon, Lychee Lemon Kiwi, and Lemon Lime Mint. We’ve never seen such inviting flavor combinations before for CBD Oils, we urge you to try! They have a variety of bundle packs as well that we will cover later down in the review.

Prices: $14.99 – $119.99

CBD Capsules

A full month’s supply of CBD capsules or an 8ct pouch you can purchase, you decide. It is great that CBDFx gives you the option to purchase a smaller sample of CBD capsules. In terms of price, these are very affordable considering the quality you’re receiving.

Prices: $19.99 – $59.99

CBD for Pets

Not all CBD companies have CBD products for pets, but luckily CBDFx does. They realize that humans aren’t the only ones that experience daily pain. One benefit of shopping CBDFx CBD pet products is the fact that they have specific CBD oils for different sized pets. Dosage can very between the size of your pet, so CBDFx is looking out for you and trying to simplify yours and your pet’s experience.

Prices: $29.99 – $69.99

CBD Drinks

A very convenient option for new users, or users who’d rather not vape or deal with other messy products. These Chill Shots are only 2oz each so they’re quick to consume and you’ll be feeling the benefits in no time. They have two flavors; Lemonade & Berry. They offer bundles pack options as well.

Price: $6.99 per bottle

CBD Vape Pens W/ Terpenes

As noted in other reviews, terpenes are additional components in cannabis plants that can offer additional nutritional benefits on top of the CBD, and they also add a unique flavor/taste to any cannabis or CBD product. CBDFx has a wide variety of vape pens and CBD terpenes oil cartridges as well. No other company offers a larger variety, so if you’re into this style of CBD product, utilize our CBDFx coupons.

Price: $19.99 – $49.99

CBD Topicals

We are major fans of CBD Topicals here at CBD News Delivered. There is such a large market for them, they’re great products for post workout recoveries, they smell great and feel even better after being applied. CBDFx has a large variety of CBD topicals including CBD balms, CBD face serums & masks, CBD massage oils, and more.

Price: $6.99 – $99.99

CBD Concentrates

Do you still have your dab rig from college but never get to use it anymore? Have no fear, CBDFX CBD wax is here! This CBD wax is 100% organic, full-spectrum CBD and contains about 20 servings for you. This product has received amazing reviews from customers.

Price: $49.99 per container

CBD Bundles

It’s always great when companies have CBD bundle options. One reason is some customers may be new to CBD and they’re unsure which product to try out first or which product suites their needs best. Another reason we love bundles is the fact that they make for great presents. They’re also cost effective as you save some money compared to if you bought the products individually. CBDFx has 13 different bundle options, we highly recommend the CBD Snooze Set.

Price: $27.99 – $135.99

CBDFx Coupons

To view all the CBD coupons that CBDFx has to offer, please click this link here!