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Beam CBD opened its doors back in 2015 shortly after its two founder, Matt & Kevin, were introduced to CBD. Beam is based out of Boston, Massachusetts, and they’ve scaled their business to a national level with many prominent, well-known brand ambassadors and supporters. Both Matt and Kevin were past professional athletes who’d competed Ironman triathlons and marathons. Over time, their bodies started to feel the effects of constant competing and drive, and that’s when they were introduced to CBD.

Both founders of Beam CBD noticed multiple firsthand benefits of their new CBD intake including reduction of inflammation in their muscles & joints, increased sleep, increased overall energy, and better sleep. From that point, they made it their mission to empower people to push their limits and pursue their passions by improving their physical and mental health.

Being top level Ironmen, Matt & Kevin have always set a high standard for what they put in their bodies, so you know you can trust that Beam CBD offers high quality products. Keep reading to find breakdowns of the CBD products they have to offer, and some benefits of their company we think need to be highlighted.


  1. Transparency & Honesty. What you see is what you get, with Beam CBD. Everything that is one their label, is organic and all-natural. Many companies, trying to make an extra buck, will use unnecessary fillers in their products, and they’ll hide these ingredients from customers; not with Beam CBD. On top of this goal, Beam aims to continue education internally on CBD and its healing benefits, and the knowledge they gain will also be shared with their followers.
  2. Compassion. Beam CBD was created on the desire to help others take control of their health and feel their best on a daily basis. Ailments that create discomfort daily can have not only a physical effect on an individual, but also a mental effect. The founders of Beam CBD understand the importance of both and have made it their goal to not only share their past experience with CBD, but give everyone access to high-quality, trustworthy CBD products.
  3. Quality over Quantity. Beam CBD is compliant with the Farm Bill and has every batch tested by a third party during the production process like most companies. The one major benefit that Beam offers, that not all other major companies offer, is their full-spectrum CBD. Because they use the CO2 Extraction process, they’re able to preserve many other components of the hemp plant, like terpenes and other unique components. Terpenes add unique flavors, antioxidants, and can be anti-inflammatory. This added qualities create a synergistic effect when mixed with CBD benefits, and will give you the relief you are looking for. If you haven’t had a change yet to try a full-spectrum CBD product, we urge you to do so. Check out our Beam CBD coupons page to save money on your purchase.

Product Categories & Costs


Like all companies, Beam CBD has a variety of CBD Oils. Unlike all CBD companies, Beam CBD makes sure to use full-spectrum CBD in the products, and you’ll really experience the health benefits. Beam CBD has two different flavors for their CBD oils including natural flavor and mint flavor. We recommend the mint flavored CBD option for those who can’t handle strong, earthy flavors. One great benefit of trying out Beam CBD oil is they give you the option of multiple different potencies. The higher potency cbd oils are much more expensive, so we recommend starting with the lower dosage potency and working your way up. This way you know your limit and will be able to save some money in the meantime. If you’re an experienced user, we want to point out that Beam CBD has 1500 mg cbd oil option, which would give the user 50 mg of CBD per serving.

Price per bottle: $60.00 – $140.00

beam-cbd-oilCBD Salve

CBD Topical have become very popular over the last year or so, along with the CBD industry as whole. The main reason they’ve become so popular is that athletes have really taken a liking to them. They’re great to rub across sore muscles and sore joints are a long workout, giving you almost instant relief. CBD topicals are faster acting than ingesting CBD, and you can apply the CBD to the exact location of soreness, giving a concentrated healing effect. CBD salves are also great for people experiencing arthritis. Beam CBD’s CBD salve is truly divine, as they use natural eucalyptus & lavender ingredients to give it a wonderful smell and feel.

Price per bottle: $60.00

beam-cbd-salveCBD Protein Bar

Yes, yes, yes; another CBD edible. However, we’ve never seen something like this! Beam CBD has come up with a wonderful idea of meshing two very important things for athletes…healing & protein. Protein is always a major focus for athletes as it is a he component for growth & energy. Add CBD into the mix and you have a wonderful consumable the amplifies personal recovery & growth! This is a great idea, and we’re very excited to try this product! I may need to buy the 12-pack…. flavors come in Cacao, and Cacao & Vanilla.

Price: $25.00 – $45.00

beam-cbd-protein-barCBD Bundles

As we’ve mentioned multiple times before, CBD bundles are great ways for new users to save money and try out multiple different products at a time. Beam CBD gives you the option of matching any of their products and creating the CBD bundle of your liking. What are you waiting for? Go check them out! Again, make sure to check out our Beam CBD coupon codes so you can save some money on your purchase! Not all companies have bundle packs, so take advantage of them if you can.

Price: $110.00 – $120.00


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